"I've learned so much from them & I'm so grateful to their support & training."

Huldah Knox Thomas

“Working with BST has been a delight. Such a professional and fun company to work with.”

David Bousfield

Monthly Script Reading

Due to COVID-19 we hosted monthly script read sessions via Zoom. We may start these upon again in the future. 


No matter your skill level we happily welcome you to join us:

  • You can encounter familiar or new classical plays 

  • Keep on honing your performance skills (listening, reacting, characterisation)

  • Get a chance to network with like minded individuals

  • Explore language of different texts

We have read Oscar Wilde's, 'The Importance of Being Earnest', Chekhov's, 'The Cherry Orchard', William Wychereley's, 'The Country Wife' and Aristophanes', 'Lysistrata'. All of which can be found on our YouTube Channel. 

*This isn't a paid opportunity, just a way to keep practising the craft. *