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"A thoroughly entertaining, well directed, cleverly acted production."



Directed by Catherine Mary & Jessica Gittins

Blood, Sweat and Tea Productions present their second production: An adaptation of Molière’s famous farce, Tartuffe. Set in the Roarin' 20s of Weimar Berlin, where cabaret clubs haunt every corner, we take you to the backstage of the Pernelle family cabaret, established by Orgon and his second wife, cabaret-star Elmire.

Rehearsals are underway for a new set of acts from all the family (and their eager American maid), but when Orgon takes in the pious and mysterious beggar, Tartuffe, the family find their way of living – and cabaret – threatened as Orgon falls further under Tartuffe's influence. Is this the end of the family business?



Tartuffe: Alex Dybell

Orgon: Owen Matthew Watts

Elmire: Catherine Grimhilde

Dorine: Jessica Gittins

Cléante: Daniel Abbott

Mariane: Anna Sherratt

Damis: Harry Edmunds

Madame Pernelle/Valère/Monsieur Loyale/Officer: Mike Fish

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