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We are very happy to announce our Platinum award winning brand new production for 2021!


We have teamed up with Cwmni Ennyn Awaken Productions to bring to life an original play as a 4 part audio drama. This is the first time we are taking on a different medium, but as such, theatre is at a standstill and so we stuck our collective heads together to bring to life a new story, based on the Roman emperor Caligula.


The Roman Empire is falling apart. As the tyrannical reign of Tiberius Caesar comes to an end, his adopted nephew, Gaius, steps into the breach. Guided by his beloved sister, Drusilla, Gaius seems poised to get Rome back on track... until his mind begins to break. Surrounded by ambitious praetorians, vicious siblings and stubborn senators, Gaius descends into a madness beyond even his own reckoning.

'Little Boots' by Daniel Abbott, is available now via multiple platforms hosted by Anchor: 


Google Podcasts

Radio Public


Pocket Casts

We have set up a gofundme page in support of this project and future productions, the funds raised will be divided equally between the two companies. For more information, on the production and both companies, please click the 'Donate Now' button! 


Little Boots

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