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"Expressed the themes of guilt, self-doubt, loss, ambition & revenge, with thought & effect." 

Review:  PAGE 60-61


Directed by Catherine Mary & Mike Fish

Blood, Sweat and Tea Productions presents a contemporary setting of Shakespeare’s classic revenge tragedy.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, returns home to find his father dead and his mother remarrying to his corrupt uncle, the new King. After a supernatural revelation, he is compelled to avenge the murder of his father. However, the path to exacting his vengeance does not run smooth…Using contemporary events in Trump’s America as a source of influence, this accessible production brings the fairy-tale grandeur of Shakespeare’s vision into the 21st Century, showcasing a state of corruption, fading glamour and family loyalty.

Hamlet: Mike Fish
Claudius: Owen Matthew Watts
Gertrude: Catherine Grimhilde
Ophelia: Jessica Gittins
Laertes/Player 2/King Hamlet: Daniel Abbott
Horatio: Alex Dybell
Polonius: Huw Evans
Rosencrantz: Joe Hazeltine
Guildenstern: George Ellingham
Bernardo/Player 1/Clown: Robin Matthews
Francisco/Player 3: Beth Tucker
Fortinbras/Reynaldo/Osric: Nele Czerwinka
Voltimand/Captain: Harry Edmunds


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