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'The Words Upon the Windowpane' by W.B Yeats 


A group gathers for a seance, held in the room of a Dublin boarding house. As the event progresses, the medium is taken over by the hostile presence of the anguished spirit of Jonathan Swift, as well as his lovers Stella and Vanessa.


Mrs Henderson: Jessica Gittins

John Corbet: Alex Dybell

Dr Trench: Owen Matthew Watts

Miss Mckenna: Catherine Grimhilde

Abraham Johnson: Daniel Abbott

An Evening of Yeats

Directed by Mike Fish

A double-bill one-off evening of plays by the Irish poet and dramatist William Butler Yeats.

Inhabiting a surreal, ritualistic world of spirits and agonising cycles of repetition, Yeats' plays form a dream-like companion piece to the world of his acclaimed poetry.

'Purgatory' by W.B Yeats

An old man recounts a family saga of decline, murder, pollution and the perpetual torment of his own mother's spirit in purgatory.



Old Man: Owen Matthew Watts

Boy: Mike Fish

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