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An Evening of Shorts 

Enemies by Neith Boyce/Hutchins Hapgood

Directed by Alex Dybell 

A relationship reaches its breaking point as a husband and wife become all too aware of the entrapment of their own creation. As pagan and Christian beliefs collide, can a marriage of two enemies survive their own egos, or their own selfish desires for spiritual fulfilment?


He: Daniel Abbott

She: Catherine Grimhilde

Fourteen by Alice Gerstenberg
Directed by Huldah Knox-Thomas

All Mrs Pringle wants is to introduce her daughter, Elaine, to the most eligible bachelor in the city at a clasy dinner party for 14. But various setbacks force her, Elaine and the butler Dunham to frantically rearrange the guest list and attempt to salvage the evening.





Mrs Pringle: Catherine Grimhilde

Elaine Pringle: Jessica Gittins

Dunham: Daniel Abbott

The Actors Nightmare by Chris Durang 

Directed by Owen Matthew Watts

George Spelvin is our Man for All Seasons. Is he a Coward? A Shakespeare? A Beckett? Someone around here knows the script, but for those who don’t, this is the Nightmare we all face. And as the actor takes his stage, we must ask the question with the rising curtain – “what is reality anyway?”


George Spelvin: Alex Dybell

Meg: David Bousfield

Henry Irving: Daniel Abbott

Sarah Siddons: Catherine Grimhilde

Mary Anderson: Jessica Gittins

Ellen Terry: Huldah Knox-Thomas

Susan Barstow: Jennifer Nunn

Executioner: Ben Moore

Announcer: Owen Matthew Watts

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