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A theatre company, founded by five Aberystwyth University Alumni.  We started out as a social enterprise in August 2016 and formed into a limited company in March 2020.

Our aim is to create accessible, contemporary adaptations of classical, early modern, and late modernist works.

We have tackled Shakespeare, Noel Coward, Molière and T. S. Eliot. We predominantly work using the Chekhov method and create our productions as a collective, with two primary directors on each full scale production.  Our concepts are strongly anchored in the themes of the chosen text; current or historical politics, and how challenging they would be to pull off.


A post-apocalyptic (Titus Andronicus)

A Weimar Republic cabaret interpretation (Tartuffe)

A WW1 vision from Sebastian's perspective (Twelfth Night)


You can check out our inspiration board for some of our productions via our Pinterest page.


We produce at least two shows a year for which we hold open auditions, and regularly perform at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, with whom we enjoy a strong working relationship.

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel where we have more videos of our past productions and promos for our upcoming productions. 

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